Tamiya 1/48 Heinkel HE219 A-7

SKU: TAM61057

Heinkel He-219 Uhu (German eagle owl) is a German, twin-engine night fighter plane with a metal structure, with a pressurized cabin from the period of World War II. Originally, Heinkel Flugzeugwerke designed the He-219 as a long-range reconnaissance aircraft, but due to the intervention of General Josef Kammhuber, the machine was redesigned as a night fighter. This fact was dictated by the more and more effective air raids by Allied bombers on Germany. The flight of the prototype took place on November 15, 1942, and the "combat spurs" were captured by the new machine on the night of June 11-12, 1943. From the very beginning, the aircraft was equipped with the FuG 212 Liechtenstein C-1 aircraft radar, later in the FuG 220 SN-2 version. The plane turned out to be extremely successful, including many air victories.