Tamiya 1/48 4X4 Type 95 Kurogane

SKU: TAM32558

From the request of the Japanese army, the world's first light weight 4x4 vehicles were developed and named "Kurogane". From December 1937 after various improvements, a new type was produced. It carried 3 passengers, had a 1,400cc 33 horse power air cooled V two type cylinder engine. It had front wheel independent, rear wheel leaf spring suspension and large tires. From 1930 to 1939, about 4,800 vehicles of various types were made. The light weight 4x4 Kurogane was used for reconnaissance and communication in China, South East Asia, and the Pacific.

This Japanese 4x4 Light Vehicle Type 95 Kurogane is a Plastic Model Assembly Kit. ' Length 75mm. Has a distinct roundish individualistic style. 'Has a 3 seat interior, large tires and with easy to assemble parts gives the model a solid feeling. 'Comes with both open and closed convertible top. 'The vehicle appears assembled with a metal transfer star mark on the front grill. 'Comes with the standing officer and driver.