Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey Gunship

SKU: RMX855536

The UH-1 Iroquois entered service with the US military in 1952 and very quickly became the lynchpin of a whole new way of waging war. Hueys with different loads and configurations could transport in troops and supplies, pull out the wounded and dead and provide close air support. They enabled US forces to operate in hotspots across Vietnam. Kit features fine surface detail, detailed cockpit and cabin, two flight crew figures, positionable main cabin door, separate 2-piece tail and main rotors, choice of outboard mini guns with ammo or rockets, landing skid, exterior filigree parts and clear parts for windows. Decals and markings for (2) helicopters: U.S. Army Maj. Crandall (Medal of Honor) Vietnam and Canadian Rescue.