Revell 1/48 First Lunar Landing

SKU: RMX855094
Parts: 78
Skill Level: 4

ƒ??Thatƒ??s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.ƒ?� On July 20, 1969, after a three day, quarter-million mile journey from earth, Neil A. Armstrong and Col. Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin, Jr.?ÿbecame the first humans to set foot on the moon while Lt. Michael Collins remained in the orbiting?ÿcommand module. This kit contains scale models of the astronauts dressed in their moon-walking?ÿsuits, their photographic and scientific equipment, the American flag which they planted, the lunar?ÿmodule and a display base molded to simulate the moonƒ??s surface, complete with footprints. The?ÿmodel itself is 6ƒ?� in height (15.24cm). Gold foil covering and authentic waterslide decals included.

Kit Features:

ƒ?› Lunar module/moon surface display base
ƒ?› 2 Astronauts dressed in their moon-walking suits
ƒ?› Scientific equipment and the American flag
ƒ?› Gold foil covering and waterslide decals