MPC 14" Space:1999 Eagle 4 featuring Lab Pod & Spine Booster 1:72 Scale Model Kit


ICONIC SPACESHIP KIT: The opener to season two of Space:1999 introduced this fan-favorite variation of the Eagle Transporter. MPC builds onto its lineup of 14” Eagles by adding the popular “laboratory pod” along with the powerful spine booster.

ALL OF THE DETAILS: As with all of MPC’s Space:1999 kits, the kit supplies and amazing amount of detail that is based on extensive research of the original filming miniatures used in the production of the show.

EVERYTHING YOU EXPECT FROM MPC: The kit comes with an extensive water-slide decal sheet, full color deco guide and assembly instructions.

QUICK SPECS: 1/72 Scale, 209 Parts. 14” long. Parts molded in “Eagle” white. Skill level 2 – Suggested for modelers age 14+ PAINT AND GLUE REQUIRED.