Kotobukiya 1/7 Scale My Little Pony - Applejack Bishoujo Statue


My Little Pony - Applejack Bishoujo 1/7th Scale Statue

As a female Earth pony in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Applejack lives and works at Sweet Apple Acres with her grandmother Granny Smith. Representing the element of honesty, she's a brave, reliable and hard-working pony, although she can sometimes be a bit headstrong about doing things on her own.

Kotobukiya have added characters from the My Little Pony series to the Bishoujo line! Applejack is the last character to join the lineup, and has been designed beautifully in the Bishoujo style by Shunya Yamashita. Depicted as a human, Applejack's country lovin' personality shines through, with a dynamic and upbeat pose paired with a frilly denim skirt, plaid red shirt, and of course some stunning country boots. Joining her is the original Applejack pony, looking highly classic in her matching blonde hair, cowboy hat, and cute freckled cheeks. There's even an adorable apple mark carved into the boots, matching the applejack symbol on the original pony and the apple pattern decorating the display base. Standing at approximately 22cm tall, the Applejack Bishoujo 1/7th Scale Statue fits perfectly with the rest of the MLP Bishoujo series.

Add this unique rendition of the iconic Applejack to your My Little Pony collection today!