Kotobukiya 1/24 Hexa Gear Booster Pack 005 Desert Yellow Version


The basic form is a jet pod on which the governor can board, and the internal block can also be used as an air glider that can fly independently. The canopy part molded with smoke clear can carry an optional governor by sliding gimmick forward and deploying upward. The flaps and slats of the main wing can be moved to create a play during takeoff. Accessories: Jet pod body x 1 set, Cruise missile x 2, Pylon for suspension x 6, Optional wing x 1, Attachment A x 2 for missile connection, Attachment B x 2 for missile connection, Bulk arm ?ñ, bulk arm ?ñ jungle specification, bulk arm ?ý standard specification, bulk arm ?ý It is a special design to be attached to the shoulder armor of the lumberjack. Canopy (armor color type) x 1, Front cover (armor color type) x 1.