Italeri 1/72 Su-27 Flanker

SKU: ITA1413

The Sukhoi Su-27 is a twin-engine air superiority fighter aircraft entered in service in the second half of the '80s. It was developed during the?ÿ'70s with a precise goal: to create a fighter able to successfully compete against the American F-14 and F-15 fighters. Furthermore the new fighter was set up to perform the important long range air defense role against the American B-1 and B-52 strategic bombers. It has been considered, since the beginning, one of the best fighters of the period. The Su-27 is characterized by a harmonious aerodynamic line and,?ÿ despite its large size, the 'Flanker ½ is extremely agile and ?ÿmaneuverable. Thanks to the two powerful NPO Saturn AL-31 turbofans, the Su-27 is ?ÿable to reach the maximum speed of Mach 2.35. It is armed with a 30 mm gun and it can use a wide range of air-to-air weapons, such as R-27 and R-73 missiles, and air-to-surface bombs and rockets.