HO CARGILL 3230 HOP #3207

SKU: ATL20006851

The Trinity 3230 Pressure Differential covered hopper is essentially a smaller version of TrinityRail's 5660 PD. The smaller version was developed from the base design introduced by Thrall Car in the late 1990s.
The smaller size enables the cars to be loaded with heavier ladings such as cement and various grades of fly ash. Most of the cars are operated by Railcar (Leasing) companies or Shippers.
All new tooling
Ready to run
Injection molded plastic
Fine scale detail
Separately applied wire grab irons
Separately applied wire cut levers
Etched metal roofwalks
Crisp painting and printing
Metal couplers
Note: Photo might not show actual road number. Please see details for the road number.