Estes Mean Machine Rocket Kit (Skill Level 2)

SKU: EST1295

The Mean Machine stands over a staggering 6 foot (2 m) tall, which can be a handful to transport to the launch site. The clever rocket designers at Estes recognized this problem and developed a unique, twist lock connector set that allows you to take your rocket apart in the middle for easy transport to and from the launch field.

This legendary rocket is a Skill Level 2 kit which can be assembled and painted in just about a day. The complete kit includes four matching body tubes, a molded plastic twist lock connector set, laser cut balsa fins, sleek molded plastic nose cone and a distinctive waterslide decal. The high performance rocket can be flown on our powerful E or D engines with the included engine spacer. When flown on our powerful E engine, the rocket can reach launch heights well over 900 feet (274 m) and is easily recovered by a colorful 24 inch (61 cm) preassembled parachute