Bandai Spirit Ultraman Suit Version 7.5 Frontal Assault Type

SKU: BAS2538058

The figure-rise standard Ultraman Suit Ver 7.5 is an action version kit clad in metallic black armor. The kit also comes with a weapon set with an abundance of armaments, including the Hobby division's original Ex-Rifle expansion barrels. Kit Includes: 2 Spacium swords, 2 Scabbards scacium swords, 2 Knives, 2 Wide Shots, Original Eye Slugger weapon, 2 original Ex-Rifle weapons, 2 original Ex-Rifle Expansion Barrels. Hand parts: open and holding hands (left/right) Ex Rifle holding hand(left/right), Figure-rise display base, joint parts for display base, 1 set of foil and marking stickers.