Bandai Spirit Petitrits fate/Series #04 master Female Protagonist

SKU: BAS5059009

From [fate/ Grand Order], the female protagonist, who is the player's avatar, has been added to the petitrits series! A colorful and easy-to-assemble kit Using color Plastic. Simple parts configuration allows easy assembly even for beginners. The character's iconic silhouette line remains as it is, and it is a cute stylized interpretation without breaking impression of the character. The command spell is reproduced with a sticker. Display with a distinctive pose by changing the wrist. Includes smiling face parts for mash that can be attached to petrits Shielder/ mash Kyrielight (sold separately). Comes with a dedicated pedestal inspired by characters. Approx 3.94"Tall, No glue required, Colored plastic. Item Dimension: 2.17 x 11.73 x 7.4 inches.