Zvezda 1/72 Scale Su-27UB Flanker-C

SKU: ZVE7294

Suchoj SU-27 (NATO: Flankier) is a Soviet, twin-engine heavy interceptor designed to gain air supremacy. The prototype flight took place in May 1977. The SU-27 aircraft was developed as a response to the introduction of the F-15 Eagle fighter to service in the USAF. The SU-27 is a very successful design. Much of its fame is due to the wonderful Saturn-Liulka A��-31F engines, which deliver 12500 kg of power with afterburners turned on, being both easy to service and interchangeable right and left and vice versa. Moreover, unlike many previous Soviet designs, the SU-27 are characterized by a long service life of up to 3,000 hours when checked every 100 hours. This machine is at least comparable with the corresponding versions of the F-15 or PANAVIA Tornado ADV. The SU-27 is usually armed with short-range AA-73 Archer and long-range R-27 missiles, as well as the 30mm GSh-30-1 cannon used in the MIG 29. Its advantages are high accuracy and rate of fire (1500 rounds per minute), its disadvantage is the short life of the drum, which must be replaced after 80 seconds of shooting! The standard SU-27 radar is the R��PK-27 device. The SU-27 together with the MIG 29 aircraft are the basic fighters of the Russian Federation's air force. To date, a dozen or so versions of this aircraft have been produced. Noteworthy are: the SU-27, marked as SU-27S, which is the basic fighter version, and the SU-27SK, which is the export version. Technical data (SU-27S version): length: 21.9m, wingspan: 14.7m, height: 5.92m, maximum speed: 2.35Ma, climb speed: 300m / s, practical ceiling: 19000m, maximum range: 3530km, armament: fixed - one GSh-30-1 30mm cannon, suspended - up to 8000 kg of cargo.