Testors Cement Adhesive Contour Putty


The full range of Testors cements are exceptionally strong, fast-drying and easy to use. They offer quality and convenience at a low price.

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Cements included - US (English Only):

3503X - 5/8 oz. Extra Fast-Drying Wood Cement; Use for bonding wood quickly; Great for wood and balsa wood.
3518C - 1/4 oz. Super Glue Accelerator with Applicator; Speeds dry time of Super Glue
3527C - Non-Toxic Liquid Cement for Plastics with Precision Applicator; Fast drying general purpose glue; Use for polystyrene and ABS plastic; Precision needle applicator makes easy work of gluing even small intricate detailed parts; Recommended for ages 8 years and up.
328699 - 5/8 oz. Fast-Drying Cement for Wood Models.