Tamiya 74155 Tweezers (Grip Type Trip) / Tamiya USA

SKU: TAM74155

These precision tweezers are perfect for use in the assembly of static models and maintenance of R/C models thanks to their pronged tips, which are designed to grip small parts securely. Each tip has two prongs and a groove to reduce the risk of parts coming loose out of the front and sides, and allow you to easily grip minute parts such as 3mm diff balls and small-diameter shafts.

HG Tweezers (Grip Type Tip) x1
Tweezers are crafted in stainless steel.
The use of 4 extrusions on the tip is a relatively unique design, and allows for secure grip of small components such as shafts and wire.

Caution: when using
½Tips have pointed ends. Handle with care. ½Never use to hold jewelry or other valuables. ½Do not use on parts which have their final paint job applied. ½Do not apply excessive force, twist or bend the tweezers as this can lead to damage to the tweezers or the item being held. ½Do not use to crush or scrape parts. ½This product is not insulated. Never use near or on live electric circuits: risk of electric shock. ½This product is not demagnetized. Do not use or store near vulnerable machinery/media. ½Always hook the included ring over the tips after use. ½Keep out of reach of small children.