Tamiya 1/35 German Tank Destroyer "Jagdpanther" Late Version (Finished Model)

SKU: TAM35203

The Jagdpanther is considered to be one of the most potent and well-rounded armored vehicles of WWII. Not only was it armed with a powerful Pak43/3 L71 88mm main gun, but its hull featured 80mm frontal and 50mm side armor that was sloped to give it even more protection. Powered by a Maybach V12 engine, the Jagdpanther was an excellent combination of firepower, protection, and mobility. Tamiya now presents this formidable tank destroyer as a fully-finished Masterwork Collection 1/35 scale display model. All the details that sets the late production versions apart, including the road wheels and exhaust covers, have been included. The dark yellow, dark green, and red brown 3-tone camouflage is expertly applied, complete with realistic weathering effects to create a outstanding display model.