Tamiya 1/700 Shimakaze Destroyer

SKU: TAM31460

The Shimakaze was a destroyer that once could boast being one of the fastest on the seas at 40.9 knots, thanks to 75,000hp from her steam turbines. Her quintuple torpedo launchers were designed especially for her. While 16 ships were originally planned for her class, she ended up the only one of her kind. She was commissioned on May 10th, 1943 and served across the theater of conflict until she was sunk in an attack by U.S. aircraft in the Battle of Ormoc Bay, November 1944.

The Shimakaze Waterline model kit was originally released in 1972. This 2017 version of the model kit is completely new as it was designed using up-to-date documents to re-capture her with superb accuracy.

1/700 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 185mm.
The Shimakaze is depicted as she appeared in the Battle of the Philippine Sea in June 1944.
The hull is composed of left and right halves, with separate parts used to recreate the upper deck, which features realistic depictions of anti-slip surfaces.
Quintuple torpedo launchers and 12.7cm gun turrets are assembled using poly caps, allowing rotation.