Tamiya 1/700 German Destroyer Z Class

SKU: TAM31908

The German Z Class Destroyer, which served in actions off Narvik, Norway, and as escort to the
Battle cruiser Scharnhorst prior to her final sortie, is available as a 1/700 Waterline Series
model. This set includes parts to build 2 destroyers, and allows depiction of either early version
or late-war Project Barbara configuration.
The Z class destroyer was constructed during Germanys rearmament prior to WWII. The
comparatively large hull and high temperature/high pressure boilers combined with efficient
German workmanship for an imposing and effective ship. A large number of destroyers,
designated Z1 to Z43, were deployed between 1935 and 1944. The early types (Z1-22) were
relatively lightly armed with five 12.7cm guns, while the 1936A Type (Z23-30) and 1936A
Mobilization Type (Z31-34, Z37-39) featured heavier 15cm guns. As air power began to play a
dominant role in naval warfare, plans were drawn up in 1944 under code-name Barbara to add
air-defenses to the Z class destroyers. This was to comprise fourteen 37mm (6 coaxial, 2 single)
and ten 20mm (3 coaxial, 1 quad) cannon as well as six 8.6cm RAG rocket launchers, with
some variations between individual ships.

  • Kit includes two 1/700 scale assembly models of the German Z Class Destroyer.
  • This is a renewal of an existing item (31905) which includes new parts allowing depiction of
    the late version Project Barbara configuration of Z37-Z39 destroyers.
  • Kit allows construction of either early or late version destroyers.
  • Package and instruction manual have been re-designed.
  • Cut-out paper flag sheet included to reproduce ships flags.