Revell of Germany 1/88 Scale Slave I

SKU: RVL805678

Slave I is a spaceship from the Star Wars universe that first appeared on the cinema screen in the 1980 movie "Star Wars: Empire strikes back" (Episode V). Later, he also appeared in the films: "Star Wars: Attack of the Clones" and "Star Wars: The Clone Wars". The Slave I is essentially a modernized unit of the Firespray-31 type, which was an armed patrol and transport spacecraft designed to transport slaves. Kuat Systems Engineering was the main producer of this type of ships. It is assumed that Slave I was about 21.5 meters long and 21.3 meters wide. However, the depth of the ship was 7.8 meters. The unit still had considerable transport capabilities, but also armed with two laser guns and two rocket launchers. The machine was not only roomy and well armed, but also had good maneuverability and at least a decent top speed. Originally, the Slave I ship was used by Jango Fett and was later "inherited" by Bob Fett, who in turn was a clone of Jango Fett, but was seen by him as a son.