Revell 1/25 1976 Chevy Custom Van

SKU: RMX854490

The custom van craze of the 70's was a nationwide fad that quickly swept the United States, but went the way of disco by the end of the decade. As with many 70's trends, a lot of street vans were of'questionable taste by today's standards, but they had plenty of visual impact. Raked suspensions with fat, white letter tires on deep dish chrome wheels, big side pipes, scoops, flares, roll pans, spoilers, bubbled plexiglass windows, CB radios, and lush custom upholstery with mounds of deep-pile shag carpeting were all preferred accessories of the vanner set. Plus, the large slab-sided van body panels provided ample canvas for all kinds of custom paint tricks and intricate airbrush murals. Length: 7.0", Width: 3.25" Height: 4.75".