Moebius Models 1/128 Huge Seaview Submarine


The Moebius Models 1/128th scale kit of the S.S.R.N. Seaview has been one of the most anticipated science fiction models since the Polar Lights 1/350th Refit Enterprise from Star Trek. When finished you won't want to (or be able to) display her on a desktop ' it is a model made for a mantle. In 1/128th scale the Seaview is a full 39 ½ long. In addition to the submarine itself, the kit includes an in-scale Minisub, Diving Bell and Flying Sub. Moebius has also provided a detailed control room interior to go behind those huge bow windows along with a hangar for the Flying Sub. You have a choice of building two different versions of the Seaview because the two filming models were not identically updated. The 8-1/2 foot miniature used for shooting the Seaview submerged was given raised frames around the bow windows and a 16 tube missile deck while the 17 foot sub used for surface shots somehow wound up with no raised frames and 20 missiles! The instructions clearly indicate which parts to use for each version. The kit parts are molded in light grey and clear styrene, no parts count is given. They are sink-mark absent and the ejector pins were placed where the divots won't be seen. Mold seams are absent except for the thruster pod halves. Moebius used a 3-piece mold to do the intake vent detail and there is a small step around the vent area. It should be easily knocked down with a sanding stick. The clear parts for the bow windows are relatively thin and clear, but I'm tempted to use them as a mold to vacuform even thinner ones (the better to show off that interior). No decals are provided or needed. The hull comes in four quarters. The attention to detail in this kit is phenomenal.