Minicraft Models 1/144Hawker Tempest V RAF

SKU: MMI14646

Originally the Tempest was intended to be an updated version of the Hawker Typhoon but the changes to the original design were so extensive the decision was made to rename the aircraft Tempest V. Among the best fighters operated by the Royal Air Force in WWII, the Tempest was one of the few RAF aircraft capable of intercepting the V-1 flying bomb and able to engage the new German jet fighters. This plastic assembly kit measures 3 ?« ½ wingspan. Position-able landing gear. Building options includes 'in flight ½ with simulated 'spinning propellers ½. Decal and painting options for 2 RAF aircraft. Illustrated instructions. Skill level 2 kit. Item Dimension: 2.75 x 3.5 x 1 inches.