Kotobukiya 1/6 Scale Batman - Batman Who Laughs Elseworld Series Statue


Batman - Batman Who Laughs Elseworld Series 1/6th Scale Statue

Batman's intellect and physical power has combined with the haunting, immoral essence of the Joker. The Batman Who Laughs is a terrifying rendition from DC Comics' Dark Nights: Metal, representing an alternative hybrid of the two iconic characters from the multiverse.

Thanks to Kotobukiya, you can thrust your hand directly into your own nightmares and pull out this hellish creation, a unique personification of everything evil and corrupt within the DC Comics multiverse. Standing at 1/6th scale (approx. 33cm), the ArtFX statue has been sculpted with incredible detail, from the buckled leather that runs along his outfit, adorned with realistic pleats and textures, to the blackened finger nails that top his purple, veiny hands. Gaze into his terrifying grin and examine the intricate detail in his teeth, sitting underneath the spiked visor with metallic textures. His ragged coat billows into the wind as he stands atop a unique typographic base that reads "Dark Nights Metal" from the comic series in which he appeared.

Add this menacing supervillain to your DC Comics collection today and hear how his laughter rings throughout the night...

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