Hobby Boss 1/32 scale A-26B Invader

SKU: HBO83213

The Douglas A-26 Invader is an American twin-engine, full-metal light bomber. The first flight of the prototype took place on July 10, 1942. The plane, due to its excellent aerodynamic properties, high performance and ease of use, served during World War II, the Korean and Vietnam War. The last A-26 (already designated A-26A) was withdrawn from the line only in 1969! In total, 2,452 of this aircraft were built. During World War II, the A-26 was built in numerous versions, two of which deserve attention. The A-26B ("assault") version had a built-in nose of the plane with eight 12.7 mm machine guns, 20-30 mm cannons or a single 75mm cannon, and in the A-26B ("bomber") version where the nose of the plane was It was glazed and housed "Norden" sights. This version was used for precision bombing. Technical data: Maximum speed: 571 km / h; climb speed 10.2 m / s, practical ceiling: 6,736 m, maximum range: 2,250 km, armament (depending on version): up to 14 km Browning cal. 12.7 mm and suspended weight from 1,800 to 3,600 kg .