Easy Model 1/700 USS Gato Class SS-212 Model Kit

SKU: EYM37309

During World War II, the Gatos class and its successor, the Balbo class, carried much of the burden of the submarine war in the Pacific. These new fleet submarines were successful boats that proved to be fast, strong, well-armed and suited to the long-range patrols necessary to fight in the Pacific. They waged war against the Axis powers, amassing a record of devastation and sheer killing power that was unmatched by any other land or sea assault platform. These new fleet submarines enabled the Navy to shift its submarine doctrine from coastal defense to open ocean attacks on enemy warships and convoys critical to enemy logistical support. This doctrine of forward presence and strike warfare by the submarine remains today. Item Dimension: 5.34 x 0.47 x 0.88 inches.