Bachmann L&N® #406 - 4-8-2 Light Mountain - DCC Sound Value

SKU: BAC53452

Bachmann is delighted to offer this N scale 4-8-2 Light Mountain equipped with an Econami™ SoundTraxx® steam package. Factory-set for 4-8-2 realism, the steam package offers a choice of 16 whistles, multiple variations of 6 bell types, 4 prototypical chuffs, 5 airpumps, and 4 dynamos plus cylinder cocks, grade crossing signal, blowdown, brake squeal/release, coupling/uncoupling, water stop, and "All aboard"/coach doors—all in 16-bit polyphonic sound.

Features include:

DCC Econami™ sound-equipped
dual-mode NMRA-compliant decoder
precision motor
operating headlight
completely hidden drive train
gear drive
separate detail parts, including bell, whistle, pop valves, and handrails
builder’s plate
E-Z Mate® Mark II coupler, rear; dummy coupler, front
traction tires
die-cast chassis
metal driver axle bearings

Performs best on 11.25" radius curves or greater