Atlantis US Combat Task Force Fleet 12 Ships Included 1/1200 Scale


1/1200 Scale. This set of ships comes from the old Renwal tooling, not seen in over 50 Years. This set comes with decal sheet, detailed instructions, and 12 highly detailed ships. The back of the box can used to display your finished models.

The following ships are included:
USS Hornet, CVA-12
USS Washington, BB-56
USS Dewey, DLG-14
USS Canberra, CAG-2
USS Galveston, CLG-3
USS Sullivans, DD-537
USS Wm T Powell, DE-213
USS Barry, DD-933
USS Patrick Henry, SSBN-599
USS Rankin, AKA-103
USS Navarro, APA-215
USS Eddy County, LST

From the Box:

Your US Navy Combat Fleet is composed of 12 famous US Navy vessels, of types which would most commonly be found in a naval team at sea on a combat operation. All ships are accurately scaled to each other and may be either placed on the realistic bottom-of-the-box seascape for display, or utilized by "arm-chair Admirals" for the staging of authentic mock sea battles. Maximum detail has been engineered into this kit of miniature ship models, and careful decoration will reward you with authentic reproductions which will surely amaze your friends.