Atlantis Monitor and Merrimac/Virginia Plastic Model kit Set

SKU: AANL77257

Monitor measures 8.25" long and Merrimac measures 14" long. Please note this tooling comes from Lindberg originally not the Pyro tooling. Completely different. The Merrimac Scale is 1/300 and the Monitor is 1/210 Scale. 2 Ironclad ships included. Comes with Vacu-formed seascape base and individual display stands if you choose not to use the base. Updated decals and historical booklet. Detailed instructions. Molded in light gray. Build this detailed historical scene only with Atlantis!

On March 9, 1862 a naval battle took place off the coast of Virginia that would forever change warfare at sea. This infamous battle is relived with Atlantis Models The Battle of the Ironclads historical diorama scene. This plastic model set comes with a historical booklet describing the Battle of Hampton Roads and the development of the first ironclad ships leading up to the faceoff. Perfect for a school project. The ships also come with their own individual display stands and nameplates. This great moment in history changed naval warfare forever and made every other navy in the world obsolete. It was an awesome and dangerous achievement in a sad and bitter war.