AMT Star Trek F-104 Starfighter 1/48 Scale

In the first season of STAR TREK: The Original Series, the episode 'Tomorrow Is Yesterday ½ presented the program's first foray into the sci-fi sub genre of time travel with Enterprise and crew finding themselves in then modern day 1966. Detected by the United States Air Force, an F-104 Starfighter was sent to intercept. It fell on Captain Kirk and crew to erase all evidence of their appearance to keep their own future and very existence intact.

This detailed F-104 Starfighter model kit comes with multiple armament options and includes screen-accurate marking decals. The included small-scale U.S.S. Enterprise is perfect to use for creating a forced-perspective diorama. All marking decals and a display base are included for the Enterprise model as well. Illustrated assembly instructions assist in building the kit.

Miniature U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 included for a forced-perspective display
Detailed landing gear
Authentic water-slide marking decals are included
Includes several ordnance options