Academy 18141 Spider Robot

SKU: ACY18141
Easy to build
  • Complete step-by-step Instructions
  • No glue, no paint necessary
  • Beautifully detailed
  • Learn, enjoy the operation, collect the series

    This amazing 8-legged spider will excite and educate young and old alike, as it walks across a table or climbs down from a higher to a lower surface.

    Measuring more than 5"x 3"x3" the Spider Robot is powered by a single "AA" battery, and the prewired motor and gears snap into place powering the model. Constructed from high quality engineering plastics, the eight, multi-jointed legs accurately duplicate the walking movement of real spiders. Two assembly choices are available to change the stride and gate of the spider. Principles of electrics, mechanics, physics, entomology and motion can be seen and taught using the Spider Robot. Best of all, it goes together in no time, and is simply cool as a display or desk model.