Academy 1/48 AH-64A Apache Helicopter Hawk

SKU: ACY12262

The AH-64 was selected as the winner in a competition with Bell's YAH-63 in December 1976. The name Apache stuck to the helicopter in 1981. This highly efficient machine has four-blade rotors driven by two General Electric T700-701 turbine engines with a capacity of 1696HP. The residual wings are fitted with conventional trailing edge flaps and the horizontal plate tail improves longitudinal steering. The two-man crew takes seats one after the other in the armored cabin. The pilot's seat is in the rear, and the weapon operator / gunner is in the front. The key to universal use of the helicopter are the TADS systems on the shooter's position and the PNVS systems used by the pilot. The TADS is a target tracking laser marker and rangefinder assembly and a forward-facing infrared sensor that is duplicated by the normal optics. The PNVS system is a developed FLIR system, which allows to pilot a helicopter just above the ground in order to prevent or delay detection by enemy air defense. Apache helicopters took part in the operation in Panama in 1989, during the Desert Storm in 1991, or the last conflict in Iraq (2003). At the end of 1990, the construction of a new version of the helicopter began, equipped with the Martin / Westinghouse Longbow millimeter radar installed above the head to control the weapons. It is used to control the Rockwell AGM-114 Hellfire anti-tank missiles. Technical data: Maximum speed: 300 km / h; climb speed 12.7 m / s, maximum range (without external tanks): 689 km, armament: fixed - 1 Hughes M230A1 Chain Gun cal. 30 mm and outboard weapons - most often Hellfire missiles.