Academy 1/200 New Bedford Whaler

SKU: ACY14204

This is a 1/200 scale MRC/Academy plastic model kit. This New Bedford Whaler was a typical whaling vessel used to sail the world while hunting for Sperm Whales in the Western Pacific Ocean around 1835. It measured about 120 feet in length, had a 28 foot beam and a draft of 14 feet. At its peak, New Bedford, Massachusetts had 429 Whaling Vessels registered, calling it home port. This kit includes a fully engraved hull with copper plate sheathing detail, 3 tone plastic molded parts, highly detailed lifeboats, intricate masts, rigging thread and a full complement of billowing sails and ratlines. The box displays a fully assembled New Bedford Whaler model with painting suggestion. A display stand is included to help make this easy-to-assemble Bedford Whaler a magnificent addition to any display.