Academy 1/72 OV-10A Bronco Airplane Kit

SKU: ACY12463

The Rockwell International OV-10A Bronco was the winner of a competition to provide the US Air Force, the Navy and the Marine Corps with a light armed reconnaissance aircraft (LARA). Designed as a counter-insurgency (COIN) plane, the OV-10A was first delivered to the armed forces in 1969 and saw extensive duty in Vietnam. The Bronco can take off from short airstrips or can be fitted with floats or skis for more varied uses. It is fitted to carry a wide variety of weapons but is more often used when equipped with Doppler radar or TV recon apparatus. The Bronco's varied capabilities are even more apparent when considered in terms of its payload. A cargo compartment underneath the middle of the wing can hold five paratroops or two stretchers and a medic or more than 3000lbs of freight. In 1969, fifteen OV-10As were fitted with laser rangers, Loran navigation systems and stabilized night sighting systems.