Academy 1/72 12480 Fockewulf Fw190A-6/8Butcher Ger

SKU: ACY12480
The Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-8 Wurger (Butcher Bird), was the last production version of the Fw 190 series with a radial engine. In 1944 over 1300 of these aircraft were built, more than any other Fw 190 version.

The engine was an MW-50 boosted, (methanol-water), twin row, fourteen cylinder, BMW 801 D-2. This engine combination produced 1700 h.p. for take-off and up to 1440 h.p. at 18,700 feet. Normal armament was made up of two MG 151 cannons in each wing and two MG 131 cannons in the fuselage, however, a common addition to this was a WB 151/20 gun pack mounted under each wing. When an Fw 190A-8 was fitted with these gun packs they were redesignated as Fw 190A-8/R-1.

The decals in this kit are for an Fw 190A-8 of the ‹¨«‹¨«/JG "Grun Herz".

  • Fully engraved panel lines rivet detail.
  • Highly detailed cockpit interior landing gear bay
  • Can be assembled as either FW190A6 or FW190A8