Tamiya 1/35 Russian T34/85 Med Tank Kit

SKU: TAM35138

The T34/85 was built with the aim of overpowering the new and improved German Tiger and Panther tanks which the Russian forces were encountering. It was given a powerful 85mm main gun and a 3-man turret enclosed by cast-iron heavy armor, while the hull featured sloped armor. Nonetheless, it was a relatively lightweight vehicle and thanks to the power supplied by the 500hp V-12 diesel engine was very maneuverable. Around 29,000 were produced between late 1943 and June 1945, and together with its predecessor the T34/76 it provided the impetus for the Russian advance on Berlin.

1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 235mm, width: 88mm.
The T34/85 form with sloped hull armor is faithfully recreated, including renderings of the rough cast iron finish characteristic of Soviet tanks. Weld joints are also accurately recreated.
Features moveable long-barreled 85mm main gun.
Gunner's rail on hull and other details are depicted using separate parts.
Belt-type parts give an accurate and fuss-free recreation of the tracks.
Includes accessory parts such as fuel cans and spare track links.
Commander and gunner hatches are openable.
Comes with marking options to recreate 4 WWII tanks and one in the Korean War:
Marking Option 1: April 1945, Berlin (No.204); Option 2: Jan. 1945, Eastern Prussia (No.236); Option 3: July 1944, Minsk (No.145); Option 4: April 1945, Berlin (No.341); Option 5: 1950, Korea (No.321).