Kotobukiya 1/24 Early Governor Vol. 6


Five types of completely new modeling are included for the head design. The helmet type is the same as the early governor Vol.1 type, and there is also. The situation can be changed depending on the presence or absence of income for the type wearing a cap that makes you feel non-combat. You can enjoy it in abundant combinations corresponding to various ways of playing. * There is no painting of the eyes, so you need to paint it yourself. The horizontal roll axis similar to the early governor Vol.1 has been added to the ankle, enabling a wider range of actions. Accessories: Early governor Vol.6 body x 1 set, 5 types of head x 1 set, 7 types of PVC wrist parts for each left and right, Medical gun x 1, Notebook PC type terminal x 1, Backpack x 1, PVC hexagram x 1 Archive card x 1.