Eaglemoss 1/3470 Vulcan DVahl Bomar Survey Patrol Ship

SKU: EAM71655

Star Trek The Official Starship Collection Bomar Patrol Ship Vulcan Dvahl

The Vulcan Dvahl is a mid-20th century Vulcan survey ship under the command of Captain Tellus, from the Star Trek: Enterprise episode Carbon Creek.

The Vulcan Dvahl starship has painstakingly been recreated in die-cast with extraordinary attention to detail capturing the ships dart-like configuration and sleek design. The D?Vahl was a very early example of Vulcaninterstellar craft relatively small,multi-functional and capable of warp travel, albeit at a low level.

Product Features:
Officially-licensed Star Trek merchandise
Type: Survey Vessel
Wingspan approx 2.7 wide and approx. 5 long
Comes with a display stand to display at home or office.

In the magazine, there's an in-depth profile of the Vulcan survey vessel DVahl, a ship that was assigned to rescue three Vulcan officers stranded on 1950s Earth. We take a detailed look at Vulcan ship classes of the 20th and 22nd centuries. Plus take a trip back in time to examine how STAR TREK has depicted Earth?s distant past through flashbacks, time travel, the holodeck and more.