Revell Tar Black Mat 14ml

SKU: RMX32106

Enamel paint based on synthetic resin, which was placed in a small box with a round base with a volume of 14 ml. It will prove useful when painting not only plastics, but also glass, ceramics or metal. It can be applied with both an airbrush and a brush. In the case of brush painting, it is recommended to use one with synthetic bristles (for example: Painta Standard, size 1, Synetic Brush 2 or 1 SYNTHETIC FLAT BRUSH). Using a natural bristle brush can lead to faster wear. Before opening the paint, it is recommended to mix it very well, so that all its components (mainly: pigment, binder and solvent) are combined with each other. 30 seconds may be taken as the minimum mixing time. It is recommended to apply it to the surface of the model, which is dry and preferably also degreased. It is assumed that the minimum time that should pass between the application of the first and second layer is from 4 h to 6 h, depending on the ambient temperature, while the time needed for complete drying is approx. 24 h. It is also worth adding that when painting with a brush, it is recommended dilute with the paint in question (preferably 39611 Thinner Color Mix or Thinner Color Mix). Interestingly, the manufacturer does not indicate the ratio between the thinner and the paint, but you can try a 1: 3, 1: 4 or 1: 5 dilution, i.e. use 3, 4 or 5 parts of the paint for 1 part of the thinner. The mixing of both substances is best done in a paint tray (for example: Six Wells Tray, Paint Pallet - Basic Type or 18 x 8.5 cm paint mixing palette).