Trumpeter Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1A

SKU: TSM1319

The Messerschmitt Me262 "Swallow" was the world's first operational jet-powered fighter aircraft. Officially named "Swallow", and the Allies called it the “Storm bird”. The Me262 had a negligible impact on the course of the WWII. Its design was highly influential on postwar aircraft development. Plans were first test flight in 1941, In April 1944, into service. In the end, slightly over 1400 Me 262s of all versions were produced.

Item No 01319
Item Name Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a
Bar Code 9580208013190
Scale 1:144
Item Type Static Kit
Model Brief Length: 73.4mm Wingspan: 86.9mm
Total Parts 32pcs
Metal Parts n/a
Photo Etched Parts n/a
Film Parts n/a
Resin Parts n/a
Total Sprues 3 pcs
Paint Schemes " 1.Me262 A-1a , ""Red 2"" of 10./NAGr 11.
2.Me262 A-1a , 9K+LK of I/KG 51.1945"
Released Date 2009-11
More Features The kit consists of 32 parts.Included a clear canopy and a detailed tractor