2020 Christmas List Ideas for Modelers

2020 Christmas List Ideas for Modelers

Christmas is upon us!  We decided to put together a quick list for those still searching for last minute gifts (like we are).  

Top Model Kits for Beginners

Looking to get your kid off the computer for a couple hours?  Want a project you can knock out without too much frustration?  Look at some of these “no-hassle” options. 

Top Model Car Kit For Beginners

Revell 1/25 2018 Mustang

This Skill Level: 1 kit is great for brand-new modelers.  It is affordable, looks great and does not take up much room on the shelf.  Built to fit together without glue, it also will not require paint.  Revell model car kits are known the world over and are a brand that creates lifelong fans.  

It’s the perfect gift for a brand-new builder and won’t take all day to put together.  The result can be rolled across the floor and can plow through at least six action figures without noticeable front-end damage. This is a great starter kit.

Top Model Plane Kit For Beginners

Revell 1/72 A-10 Warthog


Arguably more tank than plane, the A-10 is one mean aircraft.  Its iconic design is easily assembled without the need for paint or glue.  Included is a stand that allows you to pick what pitch and yaw you want the model displayed at.

This one is not going to survive as a toy for awfully long.  We recommend this kit for someone who appreciates a good-looking model sitting on the shelf but doesn’t have much building experience.

Top Model Tank Kit For Beginners

Tamiya 1/35 U.S. M41 Walker Bulldog Kit

Among the modeling community, this is by far the most popular “first time” tank kit. There are good reasons for that.  Tamiya is known for having well-detailed, easy to put together kits.  The parts will not require much clean up and always fit together nicely.  This Tamiya kit comes with figures that allow for an “out of the box” diorama.  And when you factor in the affordability of this kit,the M41 Walker Bulldog becomes hard to pass up.

I have bought two of these kits.  For the first one I just dumped some model glue into the box and shook it for five minutes.  When I opened the box, the tank was done!  Okay, maybe don’t take that literally… but yes, It is almost that easy to put together!  This kit is a good starting point for budding armor builders.  

Top Model Car Kits

These are some of the most popular model car kits available right now.  If you are trying to find a gift for that model car builder in your life, but don’t know what to get, look below.

Revell 1/25 '32 Ford 5 Window Coupe

This hot rod lovingly nicknamed “The Deuce” comes with everything you would want for a classic street racer.  Adorned with flame and devil decals this model screams “speeding ticket”.  At 187-parts, it is a detailed model without being exhausting.  

AMT 1967 Shelby GT350 - Black 1/25 Scale Model Kit

This kit is a timeless masterpiece.  The box is designed in a retro fashion and looks great as a backdrop for the car on the shelf.  With 123-parts it is not going to be a monster to complete.  If the model builder in your life loves muscle cars then you cannot go wrong with this beauty.

Tamiya 1/24 Ferrari F50 Yellow Version

Revealed in 1995 as a street legal racing machine, Ferrari unleashed the F50 upon the world.  In 2007, Tamiya unleashed this beauty of a kit at 96-parts.  If your hobbyist is into cutting-edge racing technology, this is a must have.  This kit can be hard to find at times so if you see one available, act fast!

Model Supplies 

Is your model builder especially picky about what kits they build?  Do they already have a shelf, closet, or garage full of kits you don’t want to add to?  Well, luckily, regardless of what kind of kits they build there are some universal tools and supplies that are required. These supplies make for great stocking stuffers. 

  • Masking tape.  If you paint models, eventually you will need some masking tape.  It is intentionally designed to avoid pulling up paint.  Both Vallejo and Tamiya offer high quality tape.
  • Sprue cutters.  Plastic model parts come on frames called “sprues”.  Sprue cutters are used to cut out the pieces.  Ask most modelers and they can probably show you the handful of cutters they have ruined trying to cut stuff other than plastic.  Even if they already have one, a spare is nice to have.  
  • Cutting mat.  Used to protect the table surface while cutting, many mats also have units of measure printed on the surface.  Given a long enough timeline, cutting mats will need to be replaced.  This is usually due to a buildup of stray paint or unfortunate solvent spills.